Expect tears, and heartfelt empty dedications to never-loving-again.

I set you to rest against a blank wall
In order to paint different backgrounds around your body’s frame-
to see where you belonged in my life.

Tan was too neutral,
Red reminded you too much of your past,
and Purple gave you too much glory.

So I tired to match the blue in your eyes,
but they peered around the room too quickly for me to find the right shade.
I love your childlike view,
the energy that drives you
but I couldn’t help but wonder if your eyes would ever slow down to focus on me.

So I let you go
Staring at the white ghost of you against my canvas of indecision

You offered to cover it up with leftover paint you found from a memory that stained the empty parts of yourself.

I would rather leave it blank.
As a reminder
That your eyes changed colors in each direction they drifted.


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